Peat Moss vs. Coco Coir – Gardening specialists advise on one of the best rising medium to make use of in your backyard

Peat moss has been a favourite amongst gardeners for over 50 years now, however we’re urged to think about its affect and search for peat moss options. Cocoa coir is likely one of the hottest options round, however does it additionally include potential long-term considerations?

Sustainability is a key phrase in fashionable gardening and the affect of the rising medium we select is on the prime of the checklist of points that must be reconsidered. When contemplating which rising medium to make use of, it’s worthwhile to contemplate its advantages and the way it will assist your crops, in addition to the broader penalties.

We have a look at the professionals and cons of each peat moss and coco coir that will help you discover a resolution to this troublesome backyard drawback.

A hand holding a pile of dark compost

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