Quint Studer | Construct self-awareness into your organization tradition

In my ebook, “The Busy Chief’s Handbook,” Chapter 1 is on self-awareness and coachability. Self-awareness is one’s capacity to understand and perceive the traits that make them who they’re as a person: character, actions, values, beliefs, feelings and ideas. The better self-awareness an individual has, the extra coachable they’re. Within the ebook, I present recommendations on the best way to acquire self-awareness and grow to be extra coachable.

My expertise is {that a} key attribute the perfect performers have is curiosity — together with about oneself. Organizations that take time to offer methods for people to study are the particular ones. There are a lot of instruments for gaining self-awareness: suggestions from prospects or customers, worker engagement measurement, and information equivalent to worker turnover (when persons are leaving, what areas they’re leaving from, and what they’re saying in exit interviews). 

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